Monday, March 27, 2006

Rule #19

I'm pausing so everyone can catch their breaths during my Authoritah postings... I promise I have only one more to get through... so that I can bring you another Rule of Bureaucracy.

I've really been kicking them out recently; I must be more cynical observant than usual.

There was a maxim that said "90% of Everything is crud." That's not quite accurate. It would be more accurate to say that "Half of Everything is below average." Of course, that would mean that half of Everything would also be above average. Problem is that the half that is above average can deal with things that are beneath them, even though it pains them; those that are below average, can't quite grasp the above average crowd. Above average people can stoop to doing below average things; below average people can't reach to do above average things.

Ergo, the result is that Bureaucratic systems tend to be based on the lowest common denominator, or...

Rule #19: Mediocrity is normalcy.

Which is also why so many of these posts seriously suck.

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