Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Roethlisberger Thoughts

I should have known something was up yesterday at around 11:45 when, during my brief sojourn to get a spot to eat, I saw a helicopter circling and hovering around Downtown.  I figured that we just had another pigeon sniper, and went blisfully about my business. 
Little did I know, as I munched blissfully on my Veggie Delight sub.
You can tell how important the Ben Roethlisberger story was to Pittsburgh by the number of radio spots, tv reports, newspaper itmes, and even blog posting there were about it yesterday.  We are crazy as a City.
As someone who had been involved in a motorcycle in the past, I would take no pleasure in making light of Ben Roethlisberger accident if it didn't seem that he was doing well... or at least as well as can be expected.  So, forgive my delay in adding my two cents, but here's what I've learned so far:
(1) There IS a Chunky Soup Curse. 
(2) The Pittsburgh Left is dangerous if not correctly executed.
(3) With the way that the Pittsburgh Offensive Line played last season, is it any wonder that Ben was hit?  He should be used to it by now.
(4) If Ben recovers and starts riding again without a helmet, he will be accosted at ever stoplight by blue-haired, babuska-clad yinzer grandmothers, beating him with their bumpershoots.
(5) Alternatively, Ben will be repeatedly pulled over by City of Pittsburgh cops, the Allegheny County Sherrif's Department, the EMS, the Fire Fighters, EVERYONE with a siren.  He will be arrested, thrown in jail, and charges will be made up later.  I think the Pittsburgh ACLU will be OK with that, given the circumstances.  
Anyway, good luck and speedy recovery.   

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