Thursday, June 08, 2006

Rule #20

The One-Eyed Fat Man is coming up on his big 1-year anniversary of doing absolutely nothing, and enjoying every minute of it. We sat down awhile ago to discuss bureaucracy, the government, the current administration, and various miscellany over pizza and beer. Despite his years of work in the government (or perhaps because of his years), he is glad that the golden handcuffs are off and that he is no longer involved, especially considering the current administration.

occasionally, however, he's wont to throw out some pearls of wisdom from his long years of experience.

Politicians are often criticized for not living within their means and are blamed with ballooning deficits and debts. While "living beyond your means" has become synonymous with the American way of life, and oftentimes with the American Federal Government itself, on a more fundamental level, bureaucracies and governmental organizations are hamstrung by rules and regulations preventing them from spending money they don't have. Or, more bureaucratically:

Rule #20: Don't assume a fiduciary liability without a committed resource allocation.

Well... not all of the Rules can be zingers.

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