Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bill Peduto Withdraws From Mayor's Race

Hundreds of Pittsburgh Peduto supporters commit mass suicide.

Councilman Peduto at 3PM press conference.

Message from the Great Leader: "All is well! Peace will be with you. Kool-Aid line forms to the left."

More Details Inside:
  • Peduto Shadyside compound alight after ATF raid (Page 2);
  • Burghosphere dark; several prominent bloggers missing, presumed weepy. (Page 4);
  • Drink Specials half off at Cappy's (Page 5);
  • Sarin gas attack in North Shore Extension foiled by lack of North Shore Extension (Page 7);
  • Bill Peduto's face seen in local tortilla (Page 10);
  • Luke Ravenstahl giggles uncontrollably (Page 1138).
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