Monday, March 12, 2007

Flotsam & Jetsam

The early Daylight Savings Time change hath wrought bad stuff in my head with other things no concentrating OOOH! A SQUIRREL!

Until my sleep cycle resets, don't expect coherent postings. But for now, here's some stuff I jotted down while I still had my wits about me, elephant shoes, THEY'RE STEALING MY FEET!!!

I was down in the Strip District on Saturday, rummaging around the Wholey's Fish Market garbage cans in anticipation of May sweeps, and noticed that the Buncher Company is building a brand spankin' new hotel opposite the Pittsburgh History Center. Has anyone noticed that the clamor for a new publicly funding convention center hotel has died down recently? Perhaps the market was, in fact, strong enough to draw private investment without substantial public support.

A big hearty endorsement to LV Dem, who is running for something or other out East. Although I have not received any campaign materials, I can say with full confidence that LV Dem is the most qualified candidate for this post and will represent the district with the utmost integrity.

I'm looking to do some regular maintenance to the Blogroll to the right there. Anybody who thinks that they should be on there and isn't, anyone who is on there and shouldn't be, and any other links you think I should know about, please feel free to submit them in the comments or in the email, if you're modest. This is your chance; don't be shy.

And finally, from the Daily Scaife Non Sequitor Desk:

Jerry McGuire had only one good line. "Show me the money," Mr. Rohr.


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