Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Rock Hard, Throbbing Subpoenas

No doubt everyone has heard the news that Congress is ready to issue subpoenas for Prince of Darkness Karl Rove and professional "Madame" Impersonator Harriet Miers. I'm personally hoping for blood, but a good Congressional inquiry rarely makes for interesting television; although the Executive Privilege episode of Gilmore Girls had me in tears.

On that note, if you have a second, check out this article by John W. Dean (yes, *that* John Dean*), regarding, of all things, the "Unitary Executive Theory." In it, Dean argues discusses how the "Party of Limited Government" has, ironically enough, embraced the necessity of an all-powerful President as almost an article of faith.

More practically speaking, Dean draws parallels to the 1982 conflict between the Reagan White House and Congress over EPA Administrator Anne Gorsuch. In the end, the White House backed down in order to preserve Executive Privilege for another day. Dean does not believe that Bush will do the same, leading to an inevitable clash between the two co-equal branches.

Check it out.

* No, not the sausage maker! That's Jimmy Dean.**
** And James Dean was in Rebel Without a Cause. Idiots!

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