Thursday, July 05, 2007

Libby & Whatnot

I have nothing substantial to say about the Presidential commuting of the Libby sentence except for the following:

1) When the news broke, I had been incommunicado for about a week after having perfected my Henry-David Thoreau impression. This was the first actual news I had heard for what seemed like an age.

2) But it was immediately drummed out by the cacophony that is cable news, forcing the item to share equal time with such nonsense as "is chocolate good for you?" and "woman gets face blown off by illegal fireworks." That's sad.

3) The events have me furious in ways that make it difficult to type. As a bureaucrat, I am the willing servant of the rules and am compelled, nay, required to use my skills consistent with and pursuant to those rules. The arbitrary breaking of rules based on what I want or to protect my own interests would be grounds for termination, and with good cause. Of course, I'm not the President and cannot willingly ignore the law at a whim.

4) In the Olbermann clip that has been floating around the Internets, he mentions that "Even Richard Nixon knew it was time to resign." I would take issue with his characterization that the current administration is akin to Nixon's... with the incompentancy and the cronyism, I would say it was more like Harding.

Of course, Harding had the good sense to die in office.

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