Friday, July 27, 2007

Mayor asks for further resignations

Just over a month after he fired 11 high level City administrators, Mayor Luke Ravenstahl today asked for resignation letters from all department deputy and assistant directors and all middle management as part of his ongoing mission to "move Pittsburgh forward."

In a statement, the mayor said he was "not satisfied with the condition of city government" and will conduct a nationwide search for the best candidates to assist in the running of city departments.

He asked for resignation letters from the nearly 500 employees and asked that they continue to serve the city in an acting capacity. He encouraged them to reapply for their positions "in order to prove they are the best person for the job."

The move came as a surprise to those in City government, still reeling from the mass firings of June 15th.

No City employees were willing to make a statement on record, although several anonymous civil servants expressed anger about the move.

An employee who would only identify himself as "Mr. F" called the mass resignations "ludicrous."

"After 30 years of loyal service, this is the thanks I get? With all positions still unfilled from [the Murphy Administration] firings... this is b------t! Utter b------t! Does the Mayor's Office have any clue what they're doing?"

The conservative Allegheny Institute issued a generally positive statement, calling the mass firings a "good step towards the development of a government that can be drowned in a bathtub."

Still up in the air is the fate of the remaining 2,500 City non-management level employees who will have to take up the responsibilities of their fired colleagues. Rumors have begun to circulate around Grant Street than the balance of City employees will also be asked to resign.

Mr. F was less optimistic about his future.

"I'm leaving. I can get a job anywhere else. I don't have the time or energy to deal with this stupid crap. Call me when somebody competent is in charge."

Mr. Ravenstahl said some of the deputy department heads and managers may be asked to stay and he refused to discuss any specific individuals. He said he may use a professional head-hunting firm to find candidates for some positions.

The Mayor has 60 days to fill the positions before the City goes straight to hell.


CmdrSue said...

Does this man have any sort of a plan? Or a clue? Does he not realize that there is a huge difference between things not getting done as well as you'd like and not getting done at all?

John said...

IS he serious about this. I think that he should stop listening to certain indiviuals with in his office.

Beatrice said...

I find it hysterical (sad, but hysterical) that this administration is such a tremendous joke that people are actually unsure of whether this story is real or fake!

O said...

Settle down folks. It's satire.