Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ravenstahl Announces Pending Announcement

Lukey sure is kickin' up a whole lot of press for himself today. From the P-G:

Mayor Luke Ravenstahl today announced that he was going to make an announcement some time next week which would add to the progress of moving the City of Pittsburgh forward.

At a press conference today on Grant Street flanked by County Executive Dan Onorato, Ravenstahl said that the announcement would be the first of additional announcements that would announce other things to be announced.

The announcement is tentatively scheduled to be about downtown housing, although sources close to the Mayor's Office indicate that it could be about tax increment financing or about further announcements.

The Mayor's Staff expects the announcement to be ready sometime early next week.
Of course, this is typical of the Ravenstahl administration: announcing the announcement rather than announcing the actual announcement. In previous administrations, the announcements were never preceded by preemptive announcements, except in cases where the announcement was preemptively announced before the announcement was to be announced.

In any case, this announcement only furthers to underscore that the Mayor's Office is not prepared not willing to effectively wield the power of announcements.


Mark Rauterkus said...

Luke is known to always be the one who will tell us what, when he feels like it, where ever, how ever, and why ever.

Got it?

Come on Matt H, back me up on this, wood you.


Anonymous said...

Matt's a tool.

Today's news was great.

Huge traffic tie up due to city paving crews.

Mayor, at a news conference to discuss his appointments (only because of the recent attention) has deer in the headlights look when asked about the traffic. He has no idea about the matter. "I'm not familiar with what you're talking about, but I'll take a look at it,"

Note: I wonder at that point did the mayor then look out the window? Perhaps his eyes need time to adjust after staring at those letters for 91 days. BTW, that's day late than 90. Does the phrase "a day late and a mayor short" apply here?

The Mayor told us that he is still not satisfied with the way things are going. Talks about raising the bar higher.

Mayor still has no clue about the traffic tie up. Costa's phone is turned off. The Mayor just "retained him".

2 cops directing traffic.

Pittsburgh, move the bar higher. Vote for DeSantis. He actually gives a crap.