Sunday, September 30, 2007

Flotsam & Jetsam

I've been spending some time off hanging around with Boston developers dead for tax reasons recently and I missed one or two or five things. Here's where I try to catch up:

I'm obviously not the one in charge of the Mayor's schedule, but if I were that person, I would definitely upgrade to Microsoft Outlook instead of Post-It notes strewn randomly in the direction of a calendar. Surely such a change would result in fewer conflicts between Sporting Events and Community Meetings.

Mark DeSantis (French for "of Santis") has released his proposed economic development plan which, sadly enough, does not included any mention of Scotch. One of the more interesting bits includes a proposed support of Minority, Women, and Disadvantage Businesses through guidance, training and help in raising startup capital.

That's not a particularly bad idea, considering that the City mandates that a certain percentage of contracts go to these businesses and qualified contractors are sometimes hard to find.

If the Mayor was smart, he might consider moving his bugging devices from Bill Peduto's office to DeSantis'. Unless he wants to know the drink prices as Cappy's.

The Post-Gazette is asking people to submit their questions to a Mayoral candidates forum. Personally, I am interested in what their position on the Picard vs. Kirk debate. Of course, Tony Oliva will probably say "Sisco" and Ryan Scott will say "Janeway."

This, more than anything, is the reason why third party candidates can't be trusted in local political races.

Oh, and the Mayor released a copy of his $423.8 Million budget proposal last week. Curiously absent from the proposal are line items for Swedish Fish, banjo lessons, and the entire Department of City Planning.

Bishop Dave Zubik was formally installed as the 12th Bishop of Pittsburgh on Friday, and immediately declared Steely McBeam as heretical and anathema.

And, I missed "Blogged to Death" last Thursday, because I am not a fan of Greek Tragedy. [Turns out that Ruth Ann Dailey is Tim Menees' sister and mother.]

And so on.


Tony Oliva said...

Actually, I did like Deep Space Nine the best and come on...Sisco was played by Avery Brooks...who played Hawk in "Spenser for Hire".

Of course he was better when he was bald and wearing a goatee.

Nevertheless...I liked Sisco the best. He was a Kirk meets Picard fusion of action and restraint. Though the Prophet's storyline got a bit convoluted it was still a pretty good series.

O said...

You win this round, Tony Oliva, but you cannot escape the wrath of the Pah Wraiths!