Monday, October 22, 2007

ADB Unveils Endorsement for Pittsburgh Mayor

We the Editors at The Angry Drunk Bureaucrat are usually above such petty things as "politics," or "elections," or "humanity," but we figured that we'd give it a miss this year and really boil down the Pittsburgh Mayoral Election to it's hard candy center, and get around to endorsing someone this year.

Unfortunately, as pointed out by our [now former] General Counsel, we are prohibited, under the Hatch Act to actively endorse or campaign for any candidate.

However, the Law has never gotten in the way of a Good Bureaucrat, who knows how to gracefully slide past a law in a manner completely unlike Katie Moss sliding by a line of coke.

According to our Brand New General Counsel, while we cannot actively endorse or campaign for any candidate, we can say that any candidate that we would support would be an avid reader of this blog.

And, supposing that all of the candidates read this blog [as they better damned well do] any candidate that would post on this site more than any other candidate would obviously receive more support.

And, supposing that all of the candidates left an equal number of posting on this site, the ones with the most well thought out, reasoned, and sensible policy proposals would obviously receive more support.

And, supposing all of the candidates had well thought out, reasoned, and sensible policy proposals, the ones that would make the most witty or clever comments would obviously receive more support

So, if any mayoral candidate happens to start leaving well thought out, witty, comments in these posts, they would, you would assume, have received more of an endorsement from us, if we were allowed to do that kind of thing.... which we aren't.

Now, we're not saying that we here have any political pull, but we are saying that it would be a shame to lose the endorsement of one of the paragons of the Pittsburgh Blogosphere.

That, and we did leave a flaming bag of poop on Les Ludwig's porch that one time.*

You've been warned, guys.

*Sorry Les


Matt H said...

I think your wrong on the Hatch Act.

Your allowed to endorse someone and campaign for them.

Maria said...

Luke did say "do more with Les"* at least twice during the debate last night.

An alliance?

*OK, he might have been saying "less" but it sure sounded like "Les."

Mark Rauterkus said...

Luke said it at least 4 times last night.

Are you going to do an endorsement for the city controller's race?

Do I get any credit for the well reasoned post I left on this blog in the past century?

O said...

Dunno Mark... the Controller's Endorsement has a talent portion AND a swimsuit competition.

How do you look in a thong?