Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ravenstahl Alleges Secret "Wink-Wink" with "You Know Who"

Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl said today that he was subjected to "You Know What" and offered a "little somethin'-somethin'" as part of "You Know Who's" endorsement process, prior to that "You Know Who's" decision to back his Republican rival, Mark DeSantis.

He drew comparisons and contrasts with "Some Guys You May Have Heard of But I Don't Know Their Names'" negotiations with then-Mayor Tom Murphy, in which the city agreed to "wet their beaks" weeks before the Democratic primary. "Those Guys" then endorsed Mr. Murphy, spurring a U.S. Attorney's Office investigation that ended inconclusively.

The hardball nature of his discussions with "You Know Who" "certainly brings up a lot of similarities with what took place [in 2001]," Mr. Ravenstahl said. "It was political, and it was right before an election, you knows what I'm sayin'?"

"You Know Who's" leadership asked him about whether members could win a "Wink-Wink," a "Nudge-Nudge", and a "Say No More", which starts Jan. 1, 2010, the mayor said.

But he added that there "wasn't necessarily a quid pro quo, you do this, I do that. ... I was unwilling to cave in to the pressure, I guess you'd say."

Mr. DeSantis said he made no concessions to "You Know Who", but just outlined his beliefs, which includes "a nod that's as good as a wink to a blind bat." He said Mr. Ravenstahl "accuses me of some kind of back-room deal, and I find that offensive."

When asked to respond, Mr. Ravenstahl said, "Hey, what do I know! You know? Bada beep, bada boom. DeSantis has his thing, and I have mine... and it would be a shame, if, you know, things happened to him, is all I'm saying."

The Mayor refused to be more explicit.

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