Monday, October 01, 2007

Pittsburgh's "Man Station" is no More

No, this post is not about the bathroom in the A basement of CMU's Doherty Hall or any other "wide stance" innuendos. This post is about the demise of the worst Pittsburgh radio idea since "Quinn & Masloff in the Morning": 93.7 "The Zone."

The Zone, marketed as "The Man Station," a short-lived talk format aimed at male listeners, is being dumped for a new format, which is set to launch this Friday at 5 p.m.

Until then, the station will play Christmas music.

WTZN debuted in April, with a lineup of local talk hosts that included Scott Paulsen and John McIntire, along with the syndicated Dennis Miller show.

CBS Radio Pittsburgh vice president of programming Keith Clark would not elaborate on what the new format will be.
Now, as much as we here at ADB Headquarters enjoy John McIntire, the last thing that this City needs is another talk radio station. I've noticed that the "Scan" function on my car radio tends to linger for far too long over these talk stations, and far too little over decent stations... or even WRCT's Dead Air Drive Time Block.

And, of course, Dennis Miller was as obtuse as [insert sufficiently obtuse item #1 here - Ed.] dancing with [insert sufficiently obtuse item #2 here - Ed.], if you know what I mean. So I can see how he can be insufferable to those of you with IQs less than 150.

Frankly, if I wanted to listen to an asshole's inane, misinformed or ignorant opinions about stuff, there's a better format than talk radio: it's called "The Internet." Perhaps you've heard about it.

The current all Christmas format is a bit off-putting (unless you're in the Lowes at the Waterfront), but I'm sure we'll survive to the point right before we feel compelled rip off each others arms after hearing "Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time" for the 573rd time. If we're lucky, however, 93.7 FM may actually end up to be a real "Man Station"... which would involve songs of not less than 120 bpm.

And Cher. Lots and lots of Cher.


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Anonymous said...

I know the point of this is to be opinionated and thus more entertaining to read, but it's a lot harder to take your side when you come across as angry as you are...