Friday, April 18, 2008

Business Casual Friday

We've been busy this week trying to return several thousand dollars worth of gifts from Lamar Advertising, so we apologize for any perceived lack of posts. Who knew it would be so hard to return 456 Cuban cigars and a 12,000 sq. ft. LED sign?

So, to make up for it we present:

Death Star Canteen Scene
(done with Legos and Eddie Izzard)



spork_incident said...

May 21 & 22.


O said...

Uh... oui. Le Burundi! Oui je le connais bien. C'est pres de Tanzania... pres de Mozambique. Je le apprend quand j'ai a le pox de poulet. Ah! Je doit quitter: ma grandmere est enflambe.

Anonymous said...

i have heard this guy many times...his name is yz, sk, pf, and dw....ooh...and lr.

Sherry said...

oh best laugh i've had all week! thanks.

Anonymous said...

yes, but do you have a flag?