Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pat Ford Fallout - Day 2

Let's get down to it:

With ridiculous lightening quick speed the Sirk-Ford-Lamar story found its way to a head, which is, in an of itself, an unusual occurrence for Ravenstahl scandals. Indeed, the Burkle, Yukon, Steeler tussle, etc. etc. languished for the length of a news cycle before they reached their apogee.

This scandal? The news hit and the mayor not only responded with cleaning house, but also told Lamar to stop with the making of the LED billboard within 24 hrs.

Now that's responsive government... a little too responsive if you ask me.

[There've been unsubstantiated rumors that the Sirk departure was already well underway prior to the news breaking and that this was merely a convenient and politically opportune time to dump her. I can't confirm that rumor.]

The swiftness and intensity of the reaction from the Mayor, however, makes me think that there's something else going on. I mean, he's done what the general public would expect: produce two political corpses. This should satiate our desire and we should move on our merry way.

But maybe that's just it. Maybe the plan is to have Sirk and Ford go down quickly so that the story dies. Maybe there's more dirt than meets the eye here and maybe, just maybe, the Mayor knew that a quick response would settle the matter before other stuff starts to get out.

Or maybe, Sirk and Ford are taking a fall for someone else.

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