Wednesday, April 23, 2008

John McCain's Sordid Past

Last night on CNN, Three Card Monte enthusiast Bill Bennett started up again with the guilt-by-association meme viz Obama and Bill Ayers, former leader of the Velvet Underground. Sorry, Weather Underground... one is obviously a radical 60s left group the other is a radical 60s rock group.

Donna Brazile then proceeded to get all up in Billy's grill, saying that if Obama then Clinton and McCain's prior associates too.

She has a point about McCain, of course. There's a whole slew of associations in McCain's past that he needs to account for.

Par example: McCain's home state of Arizona opposed (until the 1990s) the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. McCain originally opposed the holiday, but later recanted his position. It can only be assumed, therefore, that the Senator must have had some acquaintances that were... let's say... a wee bit racist. Senator McCain must account for these friends and explain to us why their views haven't poisoned his outlook towards African-Americans.

Perhaps a more sinister example: McCain was born in the Panama Canal zone. The Panama Canal zone was later transfered by the US to Panama by Jimmy Carter. Jimmy Carter has recently been seen negotiating with Hamas, a known terrorist organization. McCain needs to answer the question as to why he allowed Hamas to gain access to the most vital intercostal waterway in the world.

But the most disturbing example: in 1967 McCain spent six weeks as the guest of the Viet-Cong where he made a propaganda video and learned first hand about torture. Can Senator McCain explain this relationship? What kind of anti-American deviancy was his mind poisoned with? Why is he trying to hide the fact that he was intimately connected with a group of people that systematically attacked and killed Americans throughout Vietnam? Shouldn't the media be covering this relationship a little more closely?

Just sayin'.

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