Monday, April 21, 2008

The Over/Under on Pat Ford

So, over the weekend I grabbed a drink or two (or twelve) with a handful of my compatriots here in The Bureaucracy and, of course, the discussion eventually turned towards the Pat Ford fracas, and we started laying odds on whether Mr. Ford would be back in the Pittsburgh Public Service realm or not.

I'm laying 2-1 odds that he's gone permanently.

I figure the way that he's approached the media, burned bridges, and decimated two City departments*, he's going to have a heck of a time rehabilitating himself and getting back into everyones' good graces. As can be seen with his relations with certain City Councilpersons, his manner is a bit... how shall we say?... brusque, and he has certainly not endeared himself to nearly half of City Council. Indeed, I'm sure that if was rehabilitated, he would be spending so much time being called before Council, he won't have time to do anything else. One has to wonder if, at this point, anybody will consider him to be an effective tool for mayoral policies or an effective administrator.

My guess is that he'll be cleared by the State Ethics Commission of any wrong-doing, but will ultimately decide that Florida is a much better place to work.

* I cannot confirm or deny the rumors that have been circulating that certain public servants in the employ of the City of Pittsburgh gathered for celebratory drinks when they found out that Mr. Ford was put on administrative leave.

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Anonymous said...

But would Florida take him back? I seem to recall some bridges to the south being burned in "Love of Chair."

Of course anyone who wants to hire Pat has to find a job for the misses. Maybe even one for Tom Holleran, too.