Saturday, January 17, 2009

This Rough Magic...

I started this blog back at the beginning of George Bush's second term in office, still reeling from the disappointment of 2004. A lot of things happened during those four years, a good chunk of which was commented on here, by yours truly. While I didn't enjoy the term of office, I did have a little bit of fun prodding and poking the guy who is, essentially, my boss. But now, with a modicum of regret, it's time to go.

George W. Bush, that is, not this blog. (You didn't think I was quitting there for a moment, did you?)

Although I think I've been fairly balanced on the subject, don't believe anybody who reads this little project of mine has any illusions about where my sympathies lie on that man. Still, now that it's (almost) over, it's time to release the context of my hate chest, and disburse some of those links that I had gathered over the years so that I can, well, move on.

Let's start with the stuff that's going to linger:

The U.S. National Debt Clock

Casualties in Iraq

Neither of those things are particularly funny, and I suppose neither of them are going away any time soon.

From 2004 (with some not safe for work language):

From a little later, this film strip.

Of course, there was this place, not affiliated with the real White House, which may close up shop on the 20th.

And finally, just to remind myself all the things that ticked me off in the first place, yesterday's summation of the last eight years by the 37th Most Loathsome Person of 2008:

But all these rough links, I here abjure and I shall delete from my bookmark folder, consigning them forever to the deepest, darkest depths of the Internet. If only the last eight years could so easily be erased.

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