Sunday, December 13, 2009

North Side Institution Condemned by City

City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Building Inspection yesterday issued a condemnation order on the Pittsburgh Steelers, a 76 year old North Side, yesterday after five weeks of complaints by local residents. All employees were ordered to vacate the premises as the team was in danger of imminent collapse.

The Mayor's Office released a statement saying they were prompted to action after hundreds of calls to the City 3-1-1 line Thursday night.

"The Bureau of Building Inspection has found serious defects in the teams foundations, as well as its so-called 'steel curtain.' The offensive line has not been able to provide sufficient protection against Raiders or Dawgs... We are ordering cessation of operational activities within the next four weeks."

North Side residents applauded the City's move. "It's about time," said long time denizen Mark Lataf. "There's been suspicious activity going on over there for the last few weeks. You see a bunch of guys looking like they've been doing work, but nothing's actually getting done. It's a shame that an institution of that caliber has just let their season completely collapse."

This is not the first time that the Steelers have faced such criticism. In 2006, it nearly collapsed after an employee dropped a dangerous item, which was only saved through the quick intervention of a floor manager.

Owners of the Steelers have pledged to comply with the stop work order and will spend the next year on fundamental rebuilding.

In an unrelated story, President Obama has recalled the U.S. Ambassador to Ireland for consultation.

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Bram Reichbaum said...

Our team is collapsing to the point where the Cleveland Browns looked good on Sportscenter??? This is unacceptable!!

Mayor Ravenstahl should immediately petition the ICA to fire Mike Tomlin. Every good idea Tomlin's ever had has come from Hines Ward, but they never listen to him about the big picture. Hines Ward for Player-Coach. When he turns forty, we'll limit his workload to special teams (because he'll still be our best player on special teams).