Monday, December 28, 2009

ADB's Best of 2009

So as the year is winding to a close, we figured we'd write a post of all of our favorite posts from the previous year, which is, in no way filler because we're too hungover to come up with something new.

The posts that generated the biggest response was the four part G-20 Guide to Pittsburgh (I, II, III, IV), which nearly broke my visitor counter. Our favorite line of the whole series was:

At some point, steel happened and it defined the Region; then it stopped, which also defined the Region.
which was also very much enjoyed by a member of dead tree media (who shall go nameless for now).

To be honest, though: the initial idea was to be a post along the lines of "Dan Onorato Announces Pittsburgh Rules for G-20 Visitors," and was going to detail penalties for not observing the Pittsburgh left, stealing parking chairs, or wearing Cleveland paraphernalia. We started to write the post and then decided that the format was too restrictive, and opted for the travel guide instead. Then the damned thing near exploded.

But some of our other personal favorites:

Doug Shields Bows out of Mayor's Race (If you've been to a Council District 5 Public meeting, you'll be shocked to know that this is not a transcript.)

Angry Drunk Bureaucrat Slams Dowd's & Ravenstahl's Half-assed Campaign Finance Proposals (ADB is still running for Overlord, thankyouverymuch)

Zober Begins Work on Volume 5 of Enemies List (We got a few comments praising this post from people who have since disappeared under mysterious circumstances.)

Your Millenarianism for Today (Fun Fact: PA Liquor Control Laws were written by Moses.)

Anthony Coghill Wants to Show You His Crotch (At the heart of this blog, you will find a snickering 12-year old.)

Victims 2009 - Part 2 (If for nothing than the oblique Star Trek reference.)

Sneak Peak at Web-based Permitting (We worked very hard on the picture and crashed Photoshop three times.)

Adding to the Noise (The line "No more evil subsidized corn, Agnes" tickles us in a place that is both pleasurable and creepy.)

PA State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe Believes Dwarves Are Stealing His Socks (PA Politicians be crazy.)

And our least favorite post of the year?

This one, actually... as we felt it was a cop out and merely filler for the weekly quota.

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Anonymous said...

our favorite line from the G-20 guide: "i know our tunnels are beautiful, but please don't slow down. keep driving." it has become a running joke with us, and is repeated every time we encounter tunnel-related backups, particularly those that occur at completely random, non-rush-hour times...which is often :)