Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Local Blogger Unable to Blog his Way Out of Snow

Local Blogger "Fruster" was found today by acquaintances after three days without power, phone service, or internet. He is reported to be in good health, and it resting comfortably after a meal of chinese food and pizza.

"Fruster," whose real name is Ken Rice, had not been heard from by his twitter followers, Facebook fans, or blog commentators for three days during the on-going snow event. According to his Twitter feed, the last thing he "tweeted" was "OK, snow's coming down now."

"I figured I'd be able to blog my way through the storm, giving updates on my cat 'Mittens' and rail against the poor snow plowing on my street," said Mr. Rice from his home futon, "but my phone died at about 1 AM Saturday morning, and the power and phone lines went down shortly thereafter. I was literally trapped in my house, with my own thoughts, unable to share my observation of mindless minutiae with the world."

After several days of waiting and with no communication, his "friends" decided to take action. They found Mr. Rice at his home, curled up under a blanket with an old Smith Corona typewriter, trying to figure out how to hit "send."

"He'll be OK, we think," said blog guest contributor Andrew Davidson, "We took him down to Starbucks for the WiFi, and he'll be back up and posting in no time. Maybe next time [Fruster] should blog himself up a shovel."

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