Monday, March 15, 2010

2010 Blog For Equality Day

Sue over at Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents had asked all of us PghBloggers to write a little something about SB 707 (the so-called "Marriage Protection" Amendment proffered by Sen. Eichelberger), as part of Blog for Equality Day 2010.

Now, there are certainly really good reasons to vote against this bill:

* It writes discrimination into the PA Constitution.
* It is an unnecessary bill, PA already prohibits same-sex marriage. It is wasteful use of time and resources.
* It does not benefit anyone directly.
* It distracts Senate from more important business such as State Budget.
* It develops an atmosphere of being unwelcome to gays and lesbians.
* It develops an atmosphere of being unwelcome to large corporations which offer domestic partnership benefits.
And of course it goes without saying, the amendment really seems like a pretty intolerant, bigoted, homophobic, and downright... well, shitty piece of legislation.

But, I must say that I am in favor of this legislation as it will make this blog more fun to read. I mean, there's nothing I like more than pointing out the hypocrisy of legislators, especially those who are secretly in the closet, having tickle fights with staffers, having extra-marital affairs, or are getting married and re-married over and over again, while still saying that they are upholding the "sanctity of marriage." If this bill passes, it will make those hypocrite legislators so much easier to spot. Right now, they're putting up a good "Holier-than Thou" front and we, the intrepid nebshits that we are, have to dig through pages and pages of innuendo, rumor, and whisper columns to come up with a good hypocrite list. With this bill, in one swoop we can immediately go after the elected officials who are more than likely secretly getting it on with two midgets and an underage duck in their back office.

So I encourage all of our State Senators to vote for this bill and let us start to rummage through your dirty, dirty underwear laundry. If we don't impinge on these legislator's right to privacy, well, then it undermines the sanctity of other political offices.

I mean if we allow two loving gay persons to marry, that just undermines both of Brittney Spears' marriages, maybe two of Rush Limbaugh's, and definitely Rick "Man-Dog" Santorum's. And who could really live with themselves if that happened?

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