Monday, March 15, 2010

The Verbanac-Zappala Fiiiiiing List

By now, everyone knows about this:

Eight hours later, he got a response -- but not from Mr. Hassinger. An e-mail from Mr. Zappala read: "Are you fiiiiiing kidding me! Put him squarely on the list."
As Bram suspected, our diligent minions have been scouring every waste paper basket from here to Cranberry to find the "List", and we're happy to report that we think we've actually come up with it:
The Fiiiiing List
Michael Lamb
Ted Arneault
Ohio’s Bureau of Worker’s Compensation (BWC)
Don Barden
Greg Zappala
The City of Chester PA
Catherine Baker Knoll
The corpse of Bob O’Connor
Clifford Levine
Kevin Acklin
Rich Lord
Hunt's Catsup
The Pitt News
Tommy Smothers
Toner Cartridges
Brown People
The Letter "M"
Nattering Nabobs of Negativity
Oscar Schindler
Paul Newman
George McGovern
That "Urkel" Kid
Miley Cyrus (but not Hannah Montana)
Ticket Master
Windows 7
Carbon Paper
Yarone Zober
Mt. Washington (New Hampshire)
Mt. Washington (Pittsburgh)
The Ampersand
Prime Numbers greater than 2749
Wall-to-Wall Carpeting
Oh, and Bram: because you asked about "The List," you're now on "The List."


Anonymous said...

I like that Lamb guy better and better all the time.

Bram Reichbaum said...


Bram Reichbaum said...

Better add Jeremy Boren, Adam Brandolph, Joe Smydo, William Randolph Hearst, Dan Gillman, Matt Hogue and fly paper.

O said...

Didn't know about fly paper. I thought Pat Ford had left the City.