Monday, March 01, 2010

Pause for Station Identification

If anyone seems to think that things are a bit, um, slow around here, well, they are. At least we seem to think they are.

Between fits of writers block, two feet of snow on our front porch, the olympics, and general winter malaise, it's been hard to write anything of substance. We've been wracking our brains to find something funny out there (like how today's PG perp walk picture of Jeff Reed looks like Luke Ravenstahl and Yarone Zober had a freak love-child and then peed on it), but we're really just grasping at straws here.

Last week we seriously considered changing formats to a cooking/horticulture/knitting/cat blog or, alternatively, starting up an ADB Twitter feed to satisfy our "Flowers for Algernon" -like diminishing attention span.

Perhaps when spring finally rears its head, we'll find our muse again.

Until then, expect either total crap or delicious recipes.


Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to reading more about knitting cats sweaters, but maybe that is b/c I'm suffering from Seasonal Affectedness Disorder following our long, painful winter.

Shred said...

Lies! We all know ADB has given up and flown south for the winter. Do not attempt to fool us with your faux Pittsburgh posts. We will not be fooled by such trickery! Fess up where are you operating from, Palm Springs? Ft. Lauderdale? Miami?

deegazette said...

Shred you are wrong!!! ADB has gone deep undercover on some big investigation that would have proven too big for even Matt Damon. And on top of that he is working on locating the clearest sidewalk in all of Pittsburgh and will be knocking on my door just like Ed McMahon used to do with that publishers' clearinghouse award to tell me what I have won for making my neighborhood look like it is springtime. Gotta go, I think I hear someone at my door.