Monday, March 08, 2010

Surprise Endorsements from the ACDC

If you were paying attention to the Allegheny County Democratic Committee nominating meeting yesterday, you would know that some guy's brother and some woman who lost her last race got nominated for something or other.

If you weren't paying attention, you would know about the following nominations:

* Nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay: The Onorato for Governor Campaign

* Nominated for Best Foreign Language Film: SEA Arena Bond Issuance

* Nominated for Best Makeup: Melissa Hart

* Nominated for Best Director: John Verbanac

* Nominated for Best Animated Short: Teresa Smith

* Nominated for Best Sound Mixing: Doug Shields

* Nominated for Best Original Song: That Grinding, Whirring Sound in the Recorder of Deeds Office

* Nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Tragedy: Yarone Zober

* Nominated for Best Gaffer: Cyril Wecht

* Nominated for Best Boy: Luke Ravenstahl
Of course, I may have fallen asleep watching the Oscars...

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Mackenzie Carpenter said...

Dear Angry Drunk Bureacrat:

I'm working on a piece about anonymous posters, the Internet and the First Amendment in light of some recent lawsuits seeking the identity of a poster.

I am talking to various bloggers around the city to see if they've ever been targeted (I know there's one such suit involving right now) in this manner... also interviewing various First Amendment experts to figure out what the legal landscape is like in Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

If you or your colleagues in the blogosphere know of any cases involving anonymous speech where the poster was successfully unmasked... (I'm thinking John Chapman finally revealed his identity as GrantStreet99, but not, I think, in response to Joan Orie Melvin's lawsuit) please feel free to get in touch with me.

Plus it would be cool to talk to you, your blog is very good.

Many thanks,

Mackenzie Carpenter