Thursday, January 13, 2005

The Rules (pt. 2)

So in yesterday's post we learned to always write things down, otherwise Authority X will come down on you for destroying very important piece of property "Q". If you don't write things down, all hell will break loose; fire will fall from the sky; darkness will cover the land; dogs and cats will live together...etc.

Today we learn that Authority X is suffering from what doctors call a "collective cranial-rectal inversion". Bear with me, the story gets complicated.

Authority X received a request for destroying said very important piece of property "Q" back in October. Never told Subcontractor Z that they needed more information and a revision to the plans...please ignore that they had 3 months to do this and get the paperwork together. I, for my part, paid Authority X money for the Destruction of Very Important Piece of Property Permit back in December; I did keep the receipt for the checks (see Rule #1). So Authority X has payment for the Destruction of Very Important Piece of Property Permit, but is screwing around on the approval.

Yesterday, I helped to unleash the might, majesty, and terror that is THE BUREAUCRACY in order hurry Authority X along in their approval process and to finish said destruction of very important piece of property "Q". We flexed our muscle and get to them exactly what they need to them so that they can approve everything once and for all...

But they also sent our checks back to us.


While we were working on this problem.

While we were talking to them.

And we only found this out now.

Today, Authority X has approved the Destruction of Very Important Piece of Property Permit, but refuses to release it, because we haven't paid them.

Which brings us to Rule #3: Nothing Simple is ever Easy.

I'm staving off a violent out-burst by banging my head repeatedly on the desk in the hopes that I pass out.

This post brought to you by: Authority X employee "D.W." who seems to have caused this mess

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