Wednesday, January 19, 2005


So, THE CITY abounds with rumors.

First rumor: The Snake Oil Salesman is running for the mayor's office. This is odd considering that the Silver Fox hasn't declared yet. One would think that because the Silver Fox has or at least seems to have such a strong relationship with the Governor, it would seem foolish for the Snake Oil Salesman to alienate one of his biggest guns in THE STATE Party.

Not a rumor, but relevant: The Snake Oil Salesman is suing the Mayor's Office for cutting its funding... even though THE STATE mandated it and other departments in THE CITY were also hit hard, if not worse, than his office. That doesn't really sound like a guy who really has the best interests of THE CITY at heart.

Second Rumor: A player, whom we shall call, "The Churchman", has become attached to the Silver Fox's campaign. The Churchman seems to be seeking out a very powerful position in a potential Silver Fox administration, ultimately hoping to become Chairman of THE BUREAUCRACY. This is interesting because The Fop, as I recall, used to be Chief of Staff or some such nonsense to The Churchman. That leads one to question whether The Fop is really serious about this campaign, or if he'll back down in deference to his former employer.

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