Sunday, January 23, 2005

The Wild and Wonderful World of Jim

I'm feeling nostalgic this morning, so I've whipped out something from the archives.

During my Freshman year at [Non-Descript University] so many years ago, my friends and I met this Rhode Islander named Jim. We didn't know him that well; we assumed he was a reasonably smart guy and funny guy. One day during the course of a basketball/volleyball/tennis-like game that one of us had invented, an errant ball thrown by JM whacked Jim violently in the back of the head. Ever since that moment, the gentlemen of our dorm started noticing that Jim's intelligence had started to slowly decline and by the end of the year, Jim's I.Q. seemed to have hit rock Jim, sort of like Flowers for Algernon, only in reverse. We were afraid that Jim would eventually be relegated to the position of "Tending the Rabbits" with his friend Lenny. While we later determined that Jim had always been dumber than a box of dumb and the whack on the head did nothing to precipitate any of the following actions, there are those who still blame JM for turning Jim into a babbling idiot.

Well, maybe not a babbling idiot, but definitely an idiot who (and I'm serious here) wanted to go on a road trip to Belgium and offered to pay for gas.

Brad failed out of school at the end of the first semester when he copied an Engineering assignment verbatim from a classmate. He's now either a mutual fund manager, a motorsports champion, or works for the current administration.

I'm betting on the latter.

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