Thursday, February 17, 2005

Bob O'Connor

If you were at Bobby O's official declaration on Sunday, you'll know without a doubt that he's going to be elected Mayor of Pittsburgh. The announcement was described to the ADB as not so much of a rally as a "coronation." Bob is the anointed one. ALL HAIL BOB.

Bob has a couple big advantages going for him:
(1) Previous runs for mayor and previous narrow losses.
(2) Harrisburg connections (read: money).
(3) Significant piles of cash and supporters.
(4) Old people love him.

Number 4, in my angry-drunk opinion, is the clincher for Bob. Old people consistently go to the polls. The elderly are not interested in this fluffy "new economy" crap or managerial optimization... they just want their damned Act 77 adjustment. Bob is their man.

Screw the youth vote; young people don't vote. Lamb and Peduto are chasing the wrong voting block. Even if all the money was equal between the three of them, Bob would still be able to mobilize the Blue-Haired Express.

Now give me my damned AARP discount.

This Post Paid for by the "O" for Overlord Committee (Peter Norton, Treasurer)

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