Friday, February 04, 2005

Feeling Sick V

Just when I thought I was feeling better, I found My Super Sweet Sixteen from MTV and threw up for an hour and a half.

Series guide: Rich teenage girls spend more than your yearly salary on a damn party.

From Episode #103:

The perfect party begins with the perfect venue. For Ava, this is the Four Seasons Hotel. Her mother doesn't agree with all of Ava's lavish plans. Ava's dad proves easier to persuade. He can't say no to his daughter.

Next, Ava must choose four members of the Loyola polo team to carry her during her grand entrance. She has three requirements--the boys must be cute, sexy and have good bodies. The candidates take off their shirts and practice lifting Ava before she chooses.

A party isn't complete without presents. Ava's father takes her to test drive different cars. Although "red is the closest color to pink" in the lot, Ava chooses a black Range Rover. Her dad is hesitant about her decision. He feels the car is too big for her to handle. "I will never settle for anything less than a Range Rover," Ava says.

I can actually FEEL the downward plunge of Western Civilization.

This post brought to you by: SO ANGRY! SO VERY ANGRY!! Now excuse me while I vomit again.

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