Thursday, February 09, 2006

404 Error

Obviously, when all of my readers saw this, their immediate reaction was "how will this affect The Angry Drunk Bureaucrat?"

When some city of Pittsburgh employees tried to check the Internet Tuesday, they got an unusual message.

Up popped a note saying the site where they were headed was "filtered." If they wanted to proceed, they had to click on a button that said "Use Quota Time." They'd then get 10 minutes to browse -- one of three such sessions they'd get that day.

It was the same for any Web site they checked. Turns out the message reflects a new city policy restricting many employees' Internet access, for any purpose, to 30 minutes a day.
Fortunately, for my loyal readers (Hi Sally!), this blog will be unaffected.

But, of course, I've switched my times postings from AM to PM recently.

So the "reason" for this change in policy is to "increase productivity," because, we know, employees never do anything unproductive on company time other than play on the Internet.

If they want to increase productivity, how about eliminating smoking breaks? Or coffee breaks? Or talking about non-work related subjects?

Next thing you know, they'll be eliminating my three martini post-lunch.

Actually, what's worse is that this is an anti-technology policy: as more departments and bureaucracies start to post things on the Internet, the need to use the Internet for true business reasons increases. I know that I pull things off various Federal and State sites every day, but that might just me. If there's a City/County/State/Federal bureaucracy that doesn't need to know the most up to date information, I haven't found it.

Anyway, off to visit the sites I didn't at work... Oooh! Kenya!

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