Tuesday, February 07, 2006

O'Connor Announces Board Appointments; ADB's Nomination Obviously Lost in the Mail

Sufficite it to say, yours truly was not among those nominated by the O'Connor administration to sit on any of the more powerful boards & commissions. That's OK as I am still holding out for a seat on the Commission on Naming Public Places.

Interesting notes:

(1) Michael S. Jasper, who was appointed to the Parking Authority Board, sits on the Community Advisory Board for WQED Mulitmedia, the former home of now Mayoral Chief of Staff B. J. Leber.

(2) Developer William Rudolph replaces Dr. David Epperson, former dean of the University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work on the URA board. Interesting exchange there: social worker for developer.

(3) City Executive Director of Intergovernmental Relations Dennis J. Regan has been nominated to the Housing Authority board, to replace outgoing fiesty Chairman Gerald Voros.

(4) Wrenna L. Watson, who was nominated to the Zoning Board of Adjustments, was an also-ran in this past election for Common Pleas Judge, although she did secure the 4th slot in the Democratic party endorsement.

(5) I don't know much about the other appointment to Parking Authority Board, Linda Judson... although she pops up a couple times in Post Gazette Seen columns.

Mr. O'Connor: I am still available for the Commission on Naming Public Places.

[Hint HINT!]

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Paul said...

Everybody seems to have something to say when it comes to board appointments , and this is not the same as to have moment in the final decision of who is going to be promoted to this coveted position.