Saturday, February 25, 2006

Fiscal '07 Federal Budget Proposal; or Why Timmy Can't Read Good

This article was brought to my attention by an adroit and attractive reader of this blog. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities somehow managed to get hold of some data from the Office of Management and Budget, which was not supposed to be released. The information is quite scary if... you know, you're elderly, on food stamps, are in special education, are into conserving energy, enjoy public safety, food safety, etc. From the article:

If the President’s plan were implemented, total funding for domestic discretionary programs (annually appropriated programs outside of defense and international affairs) for the next five years (2007 through 2011) would be reduced by $183 billion below the OMB baseline (i.e., below the 2006 funding level, adjusted for inflation). The bulk of the cuts — $167 billion — would occur in years after 2007. By 2011, the cut would be almost $57 billion (13 percent) below the amount needed to keep pace with inflation.
Yes. You read that right. That's a 13% decrease in domestic spending.

For Pennsylvania here's the estimated impact (2007-2011):
    In Elementary and Secondary Education,
    • K-12: -$253,500,000 ($111,000,000 of this comes in 2011)
    • Special Education: -$198,300,000
    • School Improvement Programs: -$143,700,000;
    • Impact Aid: -$800,000
    In the WIC Program (The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children): -$67,000,000 (cutting out 14,200 participants in the Commonwealth);
    Head Start (by Slots): Ranging from -3,300 to -4,300 by 2011;
    Public Housing Capital Fund: -$174,900,000;
    Community Development Block Grant: -$326,000,000;
    Low Income Home Energy Assistance: - $130,600,000;
This is apparently known as "Compassionate Conservatism."

So... what does this mean? Well, I can think of two potential outcomes: (1) Your programs will be cut or (2) your state & local taxes will be raised. I suppose there's a third option: a lawsuit by the states for unfunded mandates.

There could be a fourth, if "Cock Punch" is an option.

More to come...

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