Thursday, April 27, 2006

Bobby O's First 114 Days in Office

So, let's summarize Bobby O's first 114 days in Office:

    *Piatt & Downtown
    *'Redd Up'
Did I miss anything?

Right now, everyone is settling into their groove. Appointees and new staff have started to feel out their jobs and are getting into a rhythm. Everybody has a good little head of steam and, so far, no one has made any real mistakes. Everyone's feeling good.

That is about to change. The Mayor is beginning to implement new policies and the rubber is about to hit the road. Councilpersons will oppose him. Community groups will oppose him. People will backtrack. Stories will be published. Bloggers will get snarky.

It happens and is to be expected as part of the circle of political administrative life. I'd say there are about 4-5 different stages: (1) Warm up, (2) optimistic implementation, (3) defense/sustaining, (4) electoral push, and (5) carry on/carry out. [The subsequent terms, by the way, don't have the same kind of warm up phase.]

My point is that we're quickly reaching that point in the Political Office lifecycle where capital has to be spent before the voters have to go to the polls again. Congressmen have a year; Senators have five years. The President has either a year or three. The Mayor, however, needs to start putting in place real policies so that he doesn't have to rush around 3 years from now. That's going to piss people off.

It's coming. I can feel it. Should make for better postings.

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