Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Special Election: 30th District... Part II

And now, Part II of our critique of the Web Pages of the Candidates for the 30th District of the Pennsylvania State House; this time with even more prepositions. If you're reading via RSS feed or even on the webpage itself, this actually appears to come before the Part I, which is weird.

Mike Dolan

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Mike's name is an anagram of "I'm an OK LED," which probably would have some cosmic significance if he was a Radio Shack employee, but in this case makes no sense whatsoever.

Time to meet Mike.

If you notice Mikey's signature, you'll notice that he's actually Michael A. Dolan II, which was a less exciting sequel, along the lines of Dumb and Dumberer but not Leonard Part 8. He's received the endorsement of Sen. Jane Orie Strikes Back and Rep. Mike Turzai the Wrath of Kahn.

Actually, this quote was pretty funny: Mike invites you to join this grassroots campaign for change!

Pardon me Mike but (1) isn't your party in power and (2) is O'Hara Twp "grassroots?"

The Leadership Agenda

I may be a dyed in the wool tax and spend liberal, but as near as I can figure the "Agenda" is summarized as follows: reduce taxes and spend more. Yeah, I get the Laffer Curve and everything, but something about this doesn't seem right.

It's probably me, but try not to step in the Leadership.

Support Mike

Here's some of the big name people that are supporting Mike:

Rep. Mike Turzai;
Sen. Jane Orie;
State Attorney General Tom Corbett;
Allegheny County Councilwoman Jan Rea;
Former Pittsburgh Steeler Mel Blount...
To be fair, Shawn Flaherty did have the endorsement of Dwayne Woodruff.

You can also submit your own endorsement. Here's mine:
I heartily endorse this product and/or service.
I'm un original.

Actually, the most important part of this whole page is in the picture. If you look carefully, you'll notice that Mike is sportin' a 12" Apple 1.5 Ghz Titanium Powerbook. And I swoon ever so gently.

On the Road

Check by soon for upcoming "On the Road" events with Mike Dolan.

He has 3 1/2 hours.

In the News

This "webcenter" seems "devoid" of actual "news" and "blows goats." The Executive Editor of The Angry Drunk Bureaucrat says joinmikedolan.org "seems 'devoid' of actual 'news' and 'blows goats.'"


If you think that $50 is a small contribution to a State Representative campaign, you might be grassroots campaigning in Fox Chapel.

By the way, the "wife" and "child" in the homey picture on this page are on loan from the Mike Diven for State Senator Campaign Collection.


Look, it's about 5:30 PM the day of the election... if you're from the 30th District and you've been putzing around reading blogs all day, you probably shouldn't be voting.

Unless you're still looking for a reasonable, fair and balanced assessment of the candidates and were desperately awaiting my opinion... in which case: WHAT ARE YOU STILL DOING READING THIS SENTENCE! GO OUT AND VOTE DAMMIT!

Unless you were planning on voting wrong... in which case I'll go post some shiny objects for your amusement.

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