Sunday, August 06, 2006

This, of Course, Surprises No One


Mayor Bob O'Connor appointed Yarone S. Zober, the city's policy director and recent appointee as general services director, to serve as deputy mayor today.
I'm not sure what the opposite of "coming out of left-field" is, but this is it.

Makes you wonder, however, what would happen if O'Connor should, God forbid, take a turn for the worst. The obvious answer is that the President of Council would take over... interestingly enough, the only one in City Government younger than Mr. Zober, Luke Ravenstahl.

The Home Rule Charter, however, is unclear as to who would take over should the Mayor be only marginally capable and unwilling to resign from office, who would be in control? How do you determine if the Mayor is, in fact, incapable of fulfilling his duties?

I've purused the Charter and can't find the City of Pittsburgh's version of the 25th Amendment. Anyone willing to venture a guess?

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