Friday, October 06, 2006

Dennis Regan Calls for Calm Over Sienna Miller Comment

(AP) - The Director of Operations and newly appointed Director of Public Safety for the City of Pittsburgh, has called for calm and has condemned the internet related violence following the release of a comment made by a semi-famous actress in an interview in Rolling Stone Magazine.

Dennis Regan made the announcement following a full day of flamewars on the Pittsburgh blogosphere. Regan encouraged all parties to put aside their differences and work towards "a peaceful resolution to this conflict."

"The Mayor is deeply concerned about the virtual violence and wishes to protect all n00bs, and stem the loss of virtual property and virtual life."

The violence that has swept across parts of the Pittsburgh Blogosphere has come in response to the publication in Rolling Stone Magazine of a quote by actress Sienna Miller calling the city "Shitsburgh". The statement was later retracted by a publicist, but not before several prominent blogs were sent up in flames. Four bloggers are confirmed dead, and several are missing, including Tunesmith.

High Ranking Judge Rufus Peckham called for the crucifixion of the Mysteries of Pittsburgh star and an agitator known only as "PittGirl" burned the actress in effigy. An unknown poster known only as "Anonymous" stripped naked and set himself on fire chanting "Death to Sienna!"

More Angry bloggers gathered at Pittsburgh Bloggers and launched Molotov cocktails through the virtual windows of and burned copies of Ms. Miller's other movie, Alfie, which starred former lover Jude Law.

Mr. Law was busy with Ms. Miller's staff, and was unavailable for comment.

Tonight, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Pittsburgh Tribune-Review remain engulfed in flames in retaliation for printing the comments.

Regan blamed the violence on "radical extremists and fanatics" who are "adding fuel to the flames in order to push forward their own agendas," many using high-tech means -- like text messaging -- to spread false information before the City can respond to the crisis.

He warned that the situation could get worse if not stopped now.

"We are facing a growing Pittsburgh Blog crisis that has the potential to escalate beyond the control of government and other authorities," Regan told reporters in a news conference.

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