Tuesday, October 10, 2006

On the Next Episode of the City of Pittsburgh...

On the Next Episode of the City of Pittsburgh...

Luke tells Dennis he's the new Director of Public Safety. Meanwhile, Bill and Doug plot against the Mayor and call Rich over at the Post-Gazette with incriminating evidence. Catherine drops a bombshell in front of Council, alleging that Dennis fixed Marlene's Brother's charges of Incompetency, Conduct Unbecoming an Officer, Neglect of Duty and Obedience to Orders and Laws. Jim and Doug almost come to blows in City Hall, over Catherine's charges. Sensing the tide turning, Luke withdraws the nomination just in time only to find out that his half sister's father's business parter is really the identical twin of his own long lost college roomate. Yarone, in his final, desperate moments, reveals himself not to be the Chief of Staff after all, but rather a clone of Bob O'Connor.
Tune in next week for another exciting episode of As the City Turns All My Politicians One City to Govern... Bah! I'll come up with something later.

Here and here are some snarky comments about the story thus far.

If anyone from Hollywood is reading this, by the way, City of Pittsburgh Politics would make for a great theme for a new sitcom. Think The West Wing meets The Office. Or perhaps, a more realistic version of Spin City.*

However, this is probably just the prologue to the bigger story. Obviously Peduto is not falling in line with the wishes of the Mayor's Office, nor was that to be expected. It seems, however, that both Sheilds and Bodack are slightly wavering on their allegiances. Elections are coming up in a couple of months for a handful of Council Seats and, should Ravenstahl policies run counter to District interests, more could head for the lifeboats. With a whole bunch of unelected people running the show, it seems that, should he wish to run for the office in 2007 or 2009, either Luke is going to have to cozy up to people outside this tiny clique or be seen a merely a puppet mayor beholden to these men behind the curtain. Luke will have to try to appeal to people outside of his base if he is serious about retaining the Mayor's Office. With no mandate, however, Luke lacks the political capital to enact anything other than what was already laid out by O'Connor. Can the obvious potential candidates for the Mayor's Office make political hay out of this? Tune in tomorrow for another exciting episode of The Old and the Connected.

Yeah, that one works.

*Seriously folks, almost no one in Pittsburgh Government is nearly as attractive as Michael J. Fox, Barry Bostwick, or even Alan Ruck. Well... maybe me.


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