Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Fresh off the heals of the aborted post that lauded Pittsburgh's place at #32* on the best place for singles list, comes this disturbing turn of events.

Pittsburgh is #1 in Baby Boomer and Ho Hos Love.**

In addition to a lower than average divorce rate and higher than average marriage rate among boomers, Pittsburgh also ranked No. 1 among the Top 10 cities for flowers and plants given as gifts and No. 2 among Top 10 cities for chocolate consumption.

The chocolatey Ho Hos achievement was announced yesterday by Hostess, the Kansas City-based makers of the Swiss-rolled cakes with the creamy filling and sweet icing, as part of the company's 40th celebration of the tubular treat.

According to Hostess' data, Pittsburghers pound 1.51 Ho Hos per person per day. The only cities that come close are Buffalo/Rochester (1.39), Cincinnati (1.37), and Cleveland (1.15).
I'm not sure which makes me more nauseous: people in their late 50s getting it on, or that bastard Twinkie love-child.

My therapist is going to have a full plate this week. She's going to earn that hazard pay.

*Take that Cleveland!
** With apologies to Al Sharpton.


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