Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Please Stand By...

Add me to what seems to be an escalating wave of apathy rippling across the Burghosphere. Almost half of my RSS feed seems to be filled with some sort of "Sorry about the lack of posting recently..." post. That's fine by me, although it appears unusual to see so many verbose bloggers suddenly allow for a lull in the conversation, more eloquently expressed by the Ancient Greek phrase "Hermes has entered in," which, if I still had my Philosophy of Social Science notes,would be explained somewhere between a listing of the only First Rate philosophers and Dr. Thayer's inexplicable rants against Mr. Wizard.

In any event, you'll have to trust me on this one: Hermes has entered into the Burghosphere.

For me, at least, there are a couple of really good reasons:
(1) Despite all odds and to Winter's chagrin it seems that, as evidenced by the green peach fuzz on Mt. Washington, Spring has arrived. As any Pittsburgher will tell you, you have to enjoy Spring before we enter into the monsoon season in May/June. Besides, after 9-10hrs a day sitting in front of a computer adding columns of numbers that don't quite total correctly, typing up responses to insane members of the public, and entering information into databases that were last upgraded slightly before the advent of punchcards, I don't want to spend more time than I have to inside.

There's a beautiful world out there, people, just behind the glass in the window in your mom's basement.

(2) My router has been up and down more often than a yo-yo that's gone off its lithium. Needless to say, I can hold a good connection for about as long as it takes to achieve a glimmer of hope... only to have that hope dashed to pieces. If the router is listening, it better shape up before it becomes another electronic domestic violence statistic.


(3) I've been overwhelmed by a general malaise, stemming from all areas; a real palpable feeling of "Meh." I don't like it and it doesn't make for a good posting.

I did write a post on the death of Boris Yelstin the other day (outside in the grass), but I didn't publish it because it bored me. [This article is far more interesting, and far from glowing.]

Anyway, until the malaise passes, my router stops being a dick, and it becomes really unpleasant to go outside, please stand by for further postings.

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