Thursday, April 12, 2007

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The Carlisle arraignment seemed to come out of left field for a lot of people... in the same way that a fly ball comes right out of left field for the Pirates: you hear the crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd, but you get beaned on the head anyway, because you were too busy stomping on a beach ball that wandered its way onto the field. If you were paying attention to the ethics board criticisms, the investigations, and so forth, you would have realized that something was going to go down, it was just a question of "when."

What did catch me completely by surprise was the sheer number of charges. I would have figured there would be an ethics charge and maybe something regarding campaign impropriety, but certainly nothing like the laundry list that came down. We're talking Ben Woods level crime here.

Now, it is, of course, improper to assume that the Councilwoman is guilty, and she is entitled to her day in court where she can rebut the charges against her. Still, just from the news reports, Ms. Carlisle is guilty of transgressing at least one of The Rules of Bureaucracy over there to the left: #2 ("The Sixty Minutes" Rule).

It's a hard rule to follow, I know.

The big sin here is that not only did Carlisle (allegedly) do something stupidly illegal, but that she got caught (allegedly) doing something stupid and illegal. And while it is often hard to judge when an action would trigger a visit from the Investigative News Team, I've come up with a little a shortcut, nay, a moral maxim which may help those with lingering ethical dilemmas:


And if you're still unsure and have lingering moral questions, let me clarify further:

I hope this helps.


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