Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Organizational Design

Both Bob Mayo and The Burgh Report had posts today which uncovered the purported organizational design of the Mayor's Office.

Both are wrong.

Our super secret spies* in the Mayor's Office managed to purloin a copy of the *real* org chart.

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No word on where Ron Burkle, the Penguins, or Whirl Magazine fit in.



Bram Reichbaum said...

In reference to the city's revised org chart -- and a facet which remains unchanged on your Bothan chart:

The parking authority, the housing authority and the water & sewer authority are shown off to the side, informally underneath Mayor Ravenstahl and informally sideways to Art Victory. This seems understandable and dare I say appropriate.

Why is it that the urban redevelopment authority is not demarcated in the same matrix, but is rather listed on the other side of the page, also informally under the Mayor but lacking a sideways relationship with Art Victor? And why is it almost comically stretched down to the bottom, it's isolation and it's low, humble status seemingly emphasized? Does this mean anything outside of the PR value?

Bram Reichbaum said...

I'd like to take a mulligan on that one.


Satan should be NUKED!!!

alecia s. said...

so am i to infer that i am in charge, by marriage perhaps, of the URA?

if so, i say, rock on with this chart! (except the wal mart part...)

O said...

so am i to infer that i am in charge, by marriage perhaps, of the URA?

More importantly, are you confirming by implication that Col. Sanders is really in charge of the City?

And, if so, what ARE those 7 herbs and spices?