Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Another Aside

I caught this article in the P-G this afternoon, which I found interesting:

Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl's administration ordered the shutdown today of two Oakland apartment buildings that were plagued by long-running fire code violations, an aggressive new tactic in response to neighborhood concerns about persistently dangerous student housing conditions.

Using a power rarely invoked, the city's Bureau of Building Inspection gave tenants in the two buildings -- which have 12 apartments each -- until Monday to get out. They posted signs with the phone number of the University of Pittsburgh's off-campus housing arm, and reached out to Pitt to help relocate the students.
OK, that's not the interesting bit, this is:
Acting Chief of Building Inspection Dan Cipriani said his inspector cited the properties at 331 and 337 McKee Place in 2006 and is "getting no cooperation" in fixing the violations.
Did ya catch that? Didja?

OK, I'll add emphasis.

Acting Chief Dan Cipriani... Clear now?

Just so everyone remembers, the Mayor has 90 days to appoint full time heads of departments and Chief Cipriani's predecessor was fired back in September 2007.

So is the P-G just slow to update their Rolodex? Is Chief Cipriani still a temp? Did Council OK this? What am I missing here?


Anonymous said...

still acting, these people can't make up their minds or settle on eenie, meenie, minie, moe

Anonymous said...

Nah, I think we need to get all the oldtimers in the city to go down to the general store and sit on wooden crates drinking coke from the little glass bottles they get from the old-fashioned red coke coolers that hum so pleasantly. Have them jaw on and on about what should be done and who should be appointed. Oh wait, that is what we all do on these blogs.