Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Scott McClellan's Book Reveals New Details About Bush Administration

Former Bush Administration Press Secretary Scott McClellan's new tell all book has revealed a string of allegations leveled against the President and his closers advisers.

Speaking with CNN, Mr. McClellan has most notably insinuated that the administration lied to the general public and Congress in the run up to the Iraq War.

However, other lesser known nuggets of information that prove potentially fatal to the President in the last remaining months of the administration:

* Vice President Dick Cheney regularly bathes in the blood of young children, which he believes will keep him "minty-fresh";

* McClellan's predecessor Ari Fleischer was once "Erin Fleischer";

* Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Karl Rove can, in fact, tell that it's not butter;

* Harriet Miers is actually Madame from Solid Gold;

* The invasion of Iraq was narrowly approved over an invasion of Tahiti by one vote (that vote being cast by John Ashcroft);

* Alberto Gonzales was appointed as Attorney General on a dare;

* That wasn't a pretzel that W choked on;

* The President hasn't actually met Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters;

* The Unitary Executive Theory was espoused after a night of Jaeger bombs and strippers;

* Paul O'Neil once threatened to punch John Bolton in the nuts.
More is sure to be revealed in the coming months.