Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mayor Seeks Guidance on Attending Stanley Cup Games

Saw this in the P-G this afternoon:

Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl wants to attend the Stanley Cup Finals, but isn't yet sure how that can happen.

"I'd like to go," he said of the Saturday night face-off between the Penguins and the Red Wings, in Detroit. "I have asked [the city Law Department] for guidance" on whether he should pay for tickets, travel and lodging out of personal funds, campaign money or otherwise.

He has ruled out the use of any public money on what, arguably, could be called official business...
The correct answer is: Buffalo Blues* in Shadyside with 200-300 of your fellow yinzers. As "way cool" as it may be to go up to Detroit, it would certainly be a whole heck of a lot more populist of Luke to sit elbow to elbow with guys discussing the intricacies of the hooking calls and calling for another "Ahrn".

* Any sports bar (or any other bar for that matter) in Pittsburgh will do. I just don't want to catch him stealing my seat.

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