Monday, January 04, 2010

Box of Rocks Elected City Council President

A bitterly divided Pittsburgh City Council reached a surprise decision in the race for its new president today, picking A Box of Rocks in a 5-4 vote.

The struggle for Council Presidency had coalesced around Councilmen Rev. Ricky Burgess and Bill Peduto, but when neither of them could muster the necessary 5 votes, both camps scrambled over the weekend to find a compromise candidate.

Council broke into two camps: one supporting A Bag of Hammers and the other supporting A Sharp Marble. Mayor Luke Ravenstahl's office lobbied extensively for A Bag of Hair, in an effort to thwart opponents on council.

In early morning conferences, however, A Box of Rocks was identified as a potential compromise candidate and quickly garnered the necessary 5 votes to win.

Before election to council, A Box of Rocks was previously in charge of the City's "Lights on While No One's Home" Program, and more recently headed the "Elevator Short of Top Floor" and "Extracting Water in Boots with Instructions Written on Heel" Commissions. Representatives from the Sharp Knives in Drawers Organization, a City Government watchdog group, says that "A Box of Rocks provides the intellectual leadership that Council deserves."


Anonymous said...

The bag of hair is new and seems to work with others on difficult issues. They would have been better had they worked with her, talked her into really taking the idea serious and helping her to become successful as a united Council. Instead, they look like clowns putting in Harris for their puppet and that is all she will be...used by both sides. Luke still ahs a better chance of keeping her with him than he would have been able to keep Smith. She prays too much to fall for his corruption!!! Kraus, Peduto, Shields and Rudiak (what a way to strat the day by making enemies and she has made them)should all pay for what they did to the city to preserve their own self serving interest. Keep following Peduto as if he really cares, he simply knows what to say and spreads his lies.

Conservative Mountaineer said...

Watched the new City Council President on PCNC last night..

"It would be unethical to reduce pension benefits." Het, you idiot, we're not talking ethics, we're talking economic survival.

Geez, a box of rocks would be better (cue "dumber than a box of rocks").

Anonymous said...

How offensive. All the bloggers are calling Harris "mediocre" or "box of rocks" or otherwise slandering her. You all should be ashamed. You are "progressive," none of you. You are bigots who have never held a real job and just sit around criticize others without ever actually even helping others. Darlene Harris is a good person and doesn't take cheap shots at anyone. Maybe that is why she is council president as opposed to your dear chairman. Absolutely disgusting.

Conservative Mountaineer said...

Anon 7:36pm..

Thanks for the comment. You're either Ms. Harris' Mom or her kid posting from the basement.

I am NOT a progressive. I am a Conservative. I have a real job.. I own a Company.. I have a professional certification plus a MBA from a Top 10 school and 30 years experience.

Ms. Harris sounded like an idiot on PCNC last night. I know, because I called in.. my comment was related to that flaming liberal Mike Romigh's comment that "nothing could be done about the pension issue". The 'box of rocks-wannabe Ms. Harris' commented it wouldn't be "ethical" to cut pension benefits. BS.

Just what this City needs.. another "Mother-type" that has been more interested in cats and dogs than financial viability and/or sustainability of the City.

Now, go back to baking cookies or playing your video games or doing your home work for middle-school tomorrow little kiddy.

Conservative Mountaineer said...

Anon 7:36..

Oh, and this is politics.. not a game..

Can't hang with the big dogs, don't jump off the porch.

Ms. Haaris is an idiot.

Giles Howard said...

As someone who both works and attends school, I've got a few problems with Council President Harris and I don't feel the need to stay anonymous in discussing them. As School Board President, Harris appears to have destroyed that elected body's effectiveness to such an extent that major nonprofit donors withdrew their millions of dollars in support from the School District until she left. One of her colleagues identified her as an anti-intellectual with class biases and that showed when she supported the Mayor's proposed tuition tax. She's a product of the Pittsburgh Democratic Machine who failed at running the School Board so, logically, Pittsburgh Democrats recycled her and put her in a position where she could do even more damage to the city. I wouldn't call her "A Box of Rocks" but I also wouldn't call her a successful professional or intellectual heavyweight. The Sharp Knives are right, Council got what it deserved.

Blue Number 2 said...

Giles hits on a point that I have been questioning. My understanding (very limited at best however) was that Harris left the school board in disarray with all kinds of in-fighting after her turn at president. It was so bad that her entire community rose up against her to elect Patrick Dowd.

Why are so many people hailing her street cred now regarding City Council Prez?

Bram Reichbaum said...

Anonymous 7:36 is right. Why don't you get a real job??????

O said...

Because the pay as a blogger is better, Bram.

And, for the record, Anonymous: I had the same post ready to go whoever got elected.