Thursday, January 07, 2010

Rendell Chooses "Mystery Box" in Lieu of Table Games

Harrisburg (Reuters)- Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell chose "The Mystery" box over signing legislation that would have allowed table games in Commonwealth licensed casinos.

He made his choice on bill 711 after being presented with the Box by Rep. Monty Hall, and at the encouragement of the Studio Audience.

Mr. Rendell did say he has some "misgivings" about the bill and was looking for another alternative to plugging the Commonwealth's revenue short falls.

"The bill is laden with pork and special projects and will only acerbate lingering social issues that casinos cause, while returning nothing of substance to communities in the long run. And, I mean it's a 'mystery box'. Who doesn't love a good mystery?"

Senate Republicans were not impressed by the Governor's Choice. State Senator Lisa Baker, who was dressed as a duck for the occasion, said that Rendell should have held out for the next round.

"He could have had his choice between Door Number 1, Door Number 2, or Door Number 3, but instead he went straight for the box. Anything could have been behind those doors: cars, dunebuggies, catamarans... you can't fit those kinds of things into a box, no matter how 'mysterious' it may be."

Bill 711 was designed to help with a revenue shortfall in the previously approved state budget. The mystery box may or may not be able assist in those matters.

The Governor said he was comfortable with his choice, but was alarmed by the sudden presence of Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman.

Contents of the "mystery box" will be revealed tomorrow.

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