Thursday, January 07, 2010

Sleeping Child Found on School Bus

Another local child was found yesterday, asleep on a school bus after the driver failed to check his bus at the end of his route.

The child, Luke Ravenstahl, had been sworn in as Mayor of Pittsburgh early that day and was, according to his Chief of Staff "plum tired" from a day of speeches, drinks, and back slapping.

"Well, the little guy had been working so hard," said Joanna Doven, Mayoral Spokesman, "I can imagine that there was nothing else he would have rather done than take a good nap."

Questions have arisen, however, about whose responsibility it was to watch over the Mayor. Public Safety Director Michael Huss refused to comment, except to say that "Every situation that happens regarding a mayor not getting off at his fundraiser is totally different and requires a complete investigation before you can act properly."

In December, A-1 Transit fired a driver after a Greenfield K-8 second-grader fell asleep on a school van and was found in a Lawrenceville garage. The driver didn't perform the required check of every seat before leaving the van, according to an A-1 Transit manager. An A-1 Transit worker performing a second check found the child. School officials planned to charge the driver with endangering the welfare of a child. In November, former Councilwoman Tonya Payne fell asleep at a public meeting and was not awoken until the cleaning crew found her several hours later.

The Mayor, however, was calm during the incident and asked for his binky and a juicebox, before falling asleep in his office.

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