Friday, December 09, 2005

Strange Things Afoot at 200 Ross Street

Regarding Fester's post on yesterday's URA Board Meeting, and something totally missed by Ervin Dyer at the PG: the surprise nature of the oral motions made at the meeting by the outgoing councilman for the 6th District, Sala Udin.  Those familiar with the tedious nature of these meetings know that almost everything is well planned in advance and agendas are written well ahead of time.  A resolution brought up at the table, while permissible, is unusual.
Both motions, the resolution supporting the Oak Hill Residential Development and the one about linking the Mellon Arena and a proposed casino, were obviously dropped into the agenda as a surprise, and timed so that they would not hit the papers at the beginning of the week.  The Trib had nothing on either resolution, instead focusing on the resurrection of the Lazarus building.  Obviously the timing and inclusion into this, the last board meeting of the year and of the Murphy Administration, was critical.
Which makes me wonder:
(1) What's Sala doing here? What benefit does he derive from making these motions?
(2) If it's not Sala who's driving this, then who?
(3) How does Bobby O respond?  Tonya Payne?
Oh it makes me wonder....

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