Wednesday, May 09, 2007

ADB 2007 Endorsements (Now on Government Time)

It is very rare, and indeed a significant event, when a candidate for elected office inspires such passion in the ADB Editorial Board than we must cast off all pretenses towards inccoruptability and impartiality and blatently violate the Hatch Act. In such cases, it is not enough to merely sollicit for election funds using government equipment nor wear campaign t-shirts during government employment. Instead, we must brashly and garashly proclaim our ringing endorsement of this candidate without fear of the threat of a Federal supoena.

Indeed, we have found such a candidate.

His father served in Vietnam where he received a Purple Heart for injuries sustained during combat. [He] followed in his father’s footsteps by serving in the US Navy as a pilot, which included tours of duty in Bosnia, Serbia and Rwanda.

Upon completing his military service, [He] entered the public sphere where he worked for the District Attorney as a prosecutor. His tireless efforts in the District Attorney’s office were responsible for putting countless criminals behind bars. He left his post in the District Attorney’s office for his campaign run in the... District where he hopes he can help shape the laws that he spent so many years enforcing.
Let us not be modest: this candidate is a Godsend, flying high and above any that we have seen so far.

So, remember this on November 7th:

Nathan Petrelli for Congress

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